Pricing Range

Essay Editing from 80 €

The basic price range stands at 20€ per page (250 words / page). The basic factors that influence our pricing and, by extension, their discount or their increase, are:

  • its extent
  • its difficulty
  • its delivery date

E-papers also rewards its customers’ loyalty and the stability of their choice in us by granting them further discounts after our third continuous collaboration!


Our translators are excellent professionals with a perfect knowledge of their subject and the terminologies. The basic translation price is determined at 10 € per page (250 words / page), with the price being influenced by:

  • The range of the translation
  • The rarity of the language the text being translated into
  • The delivery date
  • The difficulty of the original content

As above, e-papers rewards its customers’ loyalty by granting them further discounts to our clients after our third continuous collaboration! 


E-papers with its 10-year experience in private and public educational institutions provide you with quality support services to complete your work successfully by improving your academic performance and helping you to obtain the degree you desire.

Writing services

  • Doctoral theses
  • Semester / Student Essays
  • Master’s Thesis and Dissertation
  • Translations
  • Writing Curriculum Vitae

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